Tuesday 6 May 2014

Expo Goodies: Sticker-graphs!

Today, the second type of hits that I picked up for myself at the Expo.
There were a couple small boxes with dollar hits at the Expo, and I did take a quick look through them, picking up a couple cards for myself. This one is just perfection in terms of a dollar hit. A sticker autograph where the signature has gone off the sticker. A player with a grand total of 8 MLB innings to his credit, all of them in 2011. And the fact his name is Mark Hamburger.

There were two of these in the box. Why didn't I buy both of them? WHY!?

I guess Tommy John surgery means that the Mets closer has his stickergraph go in the dollar bins as well. I'm actually pretty happy to get this, since, based on checking COMC and ebay, he really doesn't appear to have too many autos out there.
There seemed to be a lot of Bills rookies with autographs out there in this year's releases. While I have managed to grab ones of the main three, E.J. Manuel, Marquise Goodwin, and Robert Woods, I've also looked for the rarer ones. I grabbed one of pre-season only Bill Da'Rick Rogers. I added Jeff Tuel during the COMC Challenges. While Kiko Alonso remains kinda out of my price range, a couple dollars to add an auto of Chris Gragg seems perfect. And he did pick up a single TD this year.
Sure, the Raptors got bounced from the playoffs. I'm still not ashamed of their performance, and am still happy to add yet another hit to my team collection.
And finally, another contender for my nice penmanship collection. And a Hall of Famer as well! And again, only a couple of bucks to add this beautiful auto off one of the best crossing guards Silver Spring, MD has ever seen.

Now, just some random base to scan tomorrow before returning to the COMC bounty.

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