Thursday 8 May 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 3: Set building

Set building might be the dullest part of the COMC Challenge box, but it was still part of it, and I'm going to bore you by showing you the cards, since I do really want to show off everything that came my way courtesy of data entry craziness.
Not part of the set completing thing yet, I still knocked a pair of cards off my wantlist for the Heritage base set. The Puig, #426, is the first card in the set. The Cabrera, #500 is the last card in the set. And both are crossed off. I was really, really happy to get the Puig off the list, since it was likely to be the most annoying to get.

These basketball cards I can blame on the repacks. It is a 14 card subset, and I've managed to pick up 11 of them through basketball repacks. I've found they usually contain at least 2 of them, and the purchases left me only needing these 3. At about 40 cents apiece, these seemed like an easy decision. Thankfully, I'd already pulled the major card from this subset - the Kevin Durant. OF these guys, 2 of them are still with the team they are pictured with. Al Thornton is the odd man out, having last played in China. Mike Conley just picked up the Joe Dumars award for sportsmanship in the 13-14 season.

After finding a pile of the base cards for Bowman Draft/Prospects 2013 in dime boxes, I opted to work on the complete set. I was three off, and for about 48 cents each, I wrapped this up. It should be interesting to re-visit the set from a Where Are They Now? perspective in a few years.

And finally, while this wasn't an official set, I did complete the base run of Larry Milbourne cards for my 2/14 collection. I still might need a Tiffany or two, but at least that completes somebody's run with Topps. Strangely, all I have for Milbourne are Topps cards. No Fleer. No Donruss. Not even an O-Pee-Chee.

Still awake?

I'll try to have something better tonight.

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