Friday 9 May 2014

A Pair of Envelopes from Bob Walk the Plank

Time to catch up with one envelope that showed up a few weeks back, and an envelope that showed up today, and combine them both in one post with 6 cards.
First up, a great new addition to my Mets binder. The Fan Favorites portion of the 2013 Archives set was loaded with Mets. This is my 6th out of the 8 in the set. Only a pair of pitchers remain to complete this portion of the set, with Ron Darling and Jesse Orosco still outstanding.
Here's two new additions to my Delgado collection. I can't get enough hits of Delgado for my collection. I love framed Ginters, but I have to vote for the pinstriped relic as the favourite of the two. I really need to add one that includes an obvious Marlins swatch to complete the uniform rainbow.
And the final cards of these envelopes. A nice variety of Expos here for that growing collection. While I've got plenty of Vlad hits in theat PC, the other two are new faces in the hit portion of the binder. A nice variety here with there being a home uniform, a road uniform and an auto.

Thanks for the goodies, BWtP. I hope the post-Expo goodie envelope makes its way to you shortly!

1 comment:

  1. Glad you liked everything. That second envelope got to you quick! I believe your envelope came in the mail on Saturday, but I've been gone all weekend and haven't got a chance to open a yet.