Saturday 17 May 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 11: Delgados!

How do I make a slightly bigger ding in the box than usual? Highlight the 13 cards I picked up of my favourite player. 10 of them were Blue Jays cards, 1 of him on the Marlins, with the final 2 being Mets cards.
All of my favourite cards from this batch came from Carlos' Blue Jays years. Expressionist? In this photo, he surely is.
Here we have a "Characteristics" card from Fleer Futures. It is hard to see from the scan, but this one featured Delgado on the background of the symbol for Thunder. Googling Thunder and kanji seems to agree with the symbol match, so I give Fleer credit for not getting fooled by some intern who just brought a take out menu to work with them.

Why thunder? Well, according to the back of the card, Delgado's bat "is thunderous and carries high voltage energy". Fleer was strange then.
Another card with a hint of die-cutting. If the curved lower right was supposed to represent a bill on a cap, then I give them credit for creativity on this Tip of the Cap insert.
I thought for a moment this card would be saluting an impressive performances during day games. It doesn't. It still has a nice Herit...Vintage look to it.
Now here's some real Heritage.
And the rest of the Jays cards. The mini is also a sticker.
Here's the only Marlins card of Delgado that was a part of this package. It's very teal.
And here's the Mets cards. I'm happy that they didn't recycle the photo on the front of the co-signers. The /499 parallel was the cheapest of the Baseball Heroes cards, so that's the one I got.

So, with these out of the way, I've still got...counts...over 100 card still to go in the COMC box.



  1. Nice haul. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Do you have a want list for Delgado? He's one of those guys I think I keep seeing in my trade boxes...