Sunday 21 December 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 67 - A Classic

Meaning a 15 for $1.00 repack hanger from Dollarama.

2011 Pinnacle Marian Gaborik - I always go by the cards visible on the front/back of the repack. In this case, a visible base card that I didn't have for the 2/14 collection was the deciding factor. Marian is now tied again with Milan Hejduk for the overall lead.
1991 Score - Cliff Ronning
1991 Upper Deck - Petr Sidorkiewicz
1991 Pro Set - Mario Roberge
1994 SP Bob Corkum - Always interesting to see an old Mighty Ducks logo.
1994 Pinnacle - Paul Broten
1995 Parkhurst Emerald Ice - Kevin Dineen - Oooo. Oooo! Mista Kotta! Mista Kotta! I know which blogger would love to have this card show up in a PWE in 2015! Mista Kotta!
1995 Stadium Club - Blaine Lacher - This repack was filled with mask binder cards. Here's the first.
1998 Pacific Aurora - Keith Tkachuk - Yes. This is fairly understated for a Pacific card. Then I turned it over.
Upside down text!
1990 Pro Set - Chris Terreri
2005 Rookie Class - Anthony Stewart - I'm not just pulling these from rookie packs in surprise boxes.
1992 Pro Set - Bob Essensa - Mask binder card #2
1990 O-Pee-Chee - Jon Casey - And #3.
1990 Bowman - Paul Gillis - Obligatory 1990 Bowman
2012 Score - Tuomo Ruutu - The other visible card

4 cards that head right into PCs. A Paciifc card for my misc. collection. And something that you know another blogger will want. That is a great return from a repack.

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  1. That certainly is a nice Dineen! Have a package headed your way soon.