Thursday 4 December 2014

Thank you, Alfie

And enjoy retirement.


  1. It was great to see Alfie go out as a member of the Senators; Ottawa did the right thing and the ceremony was very well done. I'm going to miss Alfredsson, I grew up watching him play - I remember when he came into the league and won the Calder, as well as the numerous (fourteen) amount of occasions where he suited up to represent Sweden during International competition. His 1996 97 Topps Picks 'Rookie Stars' will be the card that I associate with Alfredsson; it was the first card that I ever had featuring him and gave me a better image of just who this guy was in the Jofa lid.

  2. Crap just bought that Canvas Ping pong card on COMC over the weekend to send you. Oh well, I like that one anyway so I'll gladly hang onto it!