Thursday 18 December 2014

The Pelicans didn't

So, how did things turn out for me when the randomizer landed on the Pelicans for me in a cheapo group break of Totally Certified?
4 whole cards.

You'd think after getting skunked with the Bills and the Raptors on a choose your team case breaks from '14 Totally Certified products, I wouldn't touch the stove again.

So much for that.

But, let's see what comes out of the "you got no hits" hobby pack.
From a set where most of the shots are geenric courtside pictures, these two really stand out nicely, especially Jordan Hill's.

But, lacking a hit from the break itself, one did come from the pack of Panini 13-14.
And it was a pretty nice one at that. I'm not a big man of manupatches outside of ones for the teams/guys I collect, but add some ink to it and you've got a nice card. Even better, just a week before Christmas, I get an on-card (or at least on something other than a sticker) autograph of someone named Noel.

And that wraps up the cheap Black Friday breaks. Now I've got to post the Black Friday on Black Friday breaks that included Black Friday packs.

And I still have about 200 cards that I hit ship on just before Black Friday at COMC. I'll have to check if the mailman is a hunchback yet.

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