Wednesday 3 December 2014

It seemed like a good idea...

Pick up one of these:
And do some last minute damage to my Update wantlist before hitting up either justcommons or sportlots to finish the set.

So, with 81 cards needed, and 5 retail packs with 8 cards each, what dropped off my list?

And that's it. 1 card. I didn't really have a set building hot hand.
At least I pulled a Mets card from the inserts. And the George Brett Fond Farewells is a nice addition. But this still really isn't enough to save the Update portion of the break.

So, it is up to the Chrome to make something out of this.
And the first pack looks good to me! I wish I'd kenpt one of the Chrome packs within distance of my computer, but it looks like the relics fall at a rate of about 1:20-something. And Stanton is a pretty good player to get one of. But, that means instead of 4 cards, I got 2. Pretty much the definition of a Marlins hot pack.
Or maybe a Marlins hot box when it comes to the Chrome. 6 cards - 3 Marlins. The Heaney is a gold paralell 113/250. I don't have the base version of that Oscar, but it looks really nice as a Chrome base card. Abreu is another nice pull, but I wonder why they put the regular Topps Update checklist on the back of that instead of putting the Chrome Update list instead. When David Freese is the least interesting card out of 6, that isn't too bad of a run.

Did those bonus chrome packs ever save this blaster break in a big way.

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  1. Well, crap, I didn't know they were doing this Chrome Update thing again this year.