Sunday 28 December 2014

The Final 2014 Trade w/ Too Many Manninghams - Part 1 of ?

Yes. This package was so filled with goodness that it is going to have to be spread over multiple posts. I've had this package in my hands for a bit now, and still don't know how many posts, and how I'm going to split up the cards and show all of them. The easiest way to start is just to show the football portion, neglecting any of the hockey or baseball portion so far.
Opening with a rather loud and unflattering card for my 2/14 with this Steve McNair card from 1997 Pinnacle. Since one can head over to COMC to look at the image minus all the gold, and you can see he's trying to recover the ball after a fumble.
The top current football member of the 2/14 binder was well represented in this envelope, as I now have 15 different Alshon Jeffreys in my collection. Much as liked the Prestige design this year, my favourite in this bunch has to go the MINI out of Magic.
And the football portion of 2/14 collection wraps up with this manupatch - by far the thickest card in the mailbag, and a very likely candidate to be the thickest card in the 2/14 binder.

And this is a perfect lead-in to the rest of the football stuff.

Wha? Yup, the last one might have just been a part of random Sage Hit cards put into a plastic snap case to keep the cards from moving around, but Thad Lewis was a Bill for about 5 minutes last season, and that's good enough for me to call this card a worthy addition to the Bills collection. If a college auto of Anthony Dixon counts, then why shouldn't this?

And that puts a small dent into the "to post" box. Which is currently at about 95 cards.


  1. This is exactly what it's like when you send me a trade package!
    1. WOW, lots of great stuff!
    2. OMG, I have to scan and post all of it?