Monday 15 December 2014

A 2*3 Trade - Part 3 of 4

Continuing with the 300 count box that showed up at Chez Buckstorecards as I continue working my way through the mask binder additions. Still with the pre-lockout lost season additions.
You can't go wrong with any Young Gun to lead things off. A nice mask featuring a Bulldog from his AHL days in Hamilton. I've said before that if allergies didn't limit my choices, I'd likely be the daddy of at least one of those beautiful dogs. Minard only has one NHL game to his credit, so that's also kinda interesting.

Then I googled his name. Oopsie! If I'd done it a couple months ago, as least I would have had an address to send this card for a TTM auto.
I needed a cheering up after that one, and Roman Turek's masks usually do it. While I'm the furthest thing from a fan of Iron Maiden, I love Roman Turek's commitment to his fandom with Eddie the Head being a constant on his masks. This might be the one design of his that looks the best with the overhead shot.

These were nice. But these were even better.
Complete with Vin-toons on the back!
Complete with Heritoons on the back!

The latter toons being so much better than the former.

And that leaves only the post 2005 masks to go. Next week!

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