Thursday 13 November 2014

Not Just Common to Me! Part 1 - Adding to my PCs

It has been a few weeks since this package showed up - seems like a good time to finally show some of the contents off. Much of the cards were of the set building variety, but I did add some cards to my personal collections, grabbed a small pile of Stadium Clubs from various years for my "neat photo" collection, and then still have some misc. cards for the rest of the bubble envelope.
To start, here's one of the newest cards that I could add to my Joe Carter collection. Surprisingly, he hasn't shown up in any Topps product for a bit, so it is off to Panini for one of his cards. At least this one doesn't need any airbrushing. And by "for a bit", I mean that his last card in a Topps product I can find at sportlots is 2005 Pristine.
Off to the 2/14 collection, and this is the card that leaves me only 2 base cards away from having all of perfect 2/14 match Damaso Marte's solo base cards. Only 2003 UD 40-man and 2005 MLB Showdown remain.
I'm a little further out from completing Larry Milbourne's base card collection, but many of those are Topps Tiffany and local giveaway releases, so I'm not incredibly concerned about adding those.
And here's a nice 8-pack of Carlos Delgado cards There's a good variety of stuff here. From a bilingual Pacific release, to an incredibly loud 1998 Thunder card to a nicely subdued 2002 Upper Deck flagship release. I think that Zenith is a dupe, though. I really do like the design on the 2000 Victory cards, and that's my pick for favourite card with that.

So, there's a 15 card dent in my justcommons package.

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