Tuesday 18 November 2014

Guilt-free Raptors!

More new goodies for my Raptors collection courtesy of Cards on Cards' Guilt-Free Basketball Club. If your favourite team is available, sign up!
A nice sized relic of Rudy Gay was the Raptors hit of the package. I found it interesting the card specified that it is from a Memphis Grizzlies uniform when a plain white swatch could have come from any uniform. But, I looked this hit up on COMC, and one did show up with a blue swatch. So that was an appropriate part of the card.
I'm guessing this isn't technically a Raptors card, but if it came up in a group break, it would go to the Raptors. So that's close enough for me.
Budinger. DeRozan. Harden. Not too bad of a threesome, but is there some sort of connection between these three? They are all Pac 12 guys (Arizona State, Arizona and USC), but that's about it.
While I had these 4 base cards in my base set, I didn't have any of these in my Raptors collection, so they're all welcome (despite the repetitive angle on the photos).
Die-cut Damon!
And acetate Bosh!

There was also a bunch of Blue Jays in this package. I'll get to those tonight, or tomorrow. Or sometime.

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