Thursday 20 November 2014

3 Lisita Envelopes. 3 cards.

First and foremost, I've got my 1994 Collector's Choice blog up and running and a little more filled, having covered 3 cards. I'm stuck in the pretty bland photography of the rookie portion now, but that is the peril of a numerical card by card go through of a set. Check it out!

And now, back to my never-ending quest to unload my listia credits.

At shows, I'll often take a look through cheapo bins that contain the UD Canvas cards, since the photography choices on these often tends to be more interesting than the base cards. I've never seen this one, because I certainly would have grabbed it. This is the type of card that my mask binder was meant for.
I pulled one of the LA Kings version of this from a retail pack, and kinda wanted to add one from my second favourite team. I was probably going to look for one during the Black Friday sales, but this one seemed to be a better option when you're trying to unload credits.
And here's a relic/sticker-auto of a one season Blue Jay. Because why not?


  1. I think Juan Francisco wants to play for every team in MLB before he's done.

  2. I was gonna pick up one of those Vokouns for you on COMC on Black Friday, glad you posted it first...