Wednesday 12 November 2014

Expo Recap Post #6 - Nothin' But The Hits

The boxes are out of the way. The 14-15 UD hockey is out of the way. The non-hits are out of the way. Time to wrap this up with the autos and swatches I got for myself.
This was not really a planned purchase, but when I saw it come out of a dollar bin, and I couldn't resist picking up this card of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats alumni. Plus, he threw for over 17,000 yards during his NCAA days. Why wouldn't I make this the only football hit I picked up for keeps on the day?
I'm not proud of picking up a hit of A-Rod, but it was cheap, and I liked how the pinstripe came out on the relic. As I said, I'm still not proud.
But perhaps picking up another obscure Mets autograph will make up for that. Unfortunately, I forgot about this incident while grabbing it. Oops. Mind you, I haven't seen if anything came out of those charges, but the fact he did time for a previous assault incident still makes this a very questionable purchase in retrospect.
My mask binders gained a trio of new hits. This Ron Tugnutt (Hehe. Hehe. He said Tugnutt) was another one that came from a dollar bin. I do like that they flat out state on the front of the card that this was a Columbus jersey.
With apologies to Too Many Manninghams, I'm going to keep this Steve Shields pad relic for my mask collection as well. This is my second pad relic in my collection, and they're definitely something different.
And after adding two cards to the <2005 of my collection, I should at least add one for the >2005 portion. This was the one I opted for. The autograph portion of this card is clear, and the whole card is more plastic than cardboard.
$1 Alfie hit! And they even identify the jersey this swatch comes from. In this case, the 1998 All-Star Game's world team jersey.
Here's another $1 Alfie hit.
I didn't leave the 2/14 collection out of the $1 hit parade, grabbing a Milan Hejduk for the same price.
But the big spending hit for me was $5.00 for this Marian Gaborik card for my 2/14 collection. It is both my first patch of Gaborik and my first multi-coloured swatch of his. This is my 70th card of Gaborik in my 2/14 collection - a 2 card lead over Hejduk. But, I have more Milan hits though, with him having an 11-8 lead there (although there are two cards where both have relics).

And that's it for another Expo.


  1. Nice haul! I really wish Chang could have worked out in the NFL since he was so fun to watch at Hawaii.

  2. Great stuff, especially the Gaborik and Halak!