Monday 1 September 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 51.1 - 75 card football repack

It is the day of the Labour Day Classics in the CFL Games that count start in the NFL later this week. So, this is the perfect time to highlight the left side of a football repack.

1991 Collegiate Collection Oklahoma State University Cowboys Thurman Thomas - Wow. That's a mouthful for a set, but it is definitely worth it to add an oddball of Thruman Thomas into my collection.
1988 Topps Record Breaker Walter Payton - 2 cards in. Two HOF running backs. What a great start to a repack.
2008 Score Joe Flacco - And now we have a rookie of a Super Bowl winning QB. I'd have a hard time pulling such a great lineup of players in a higher end product.
2008 Upper Deck Excell Rookie Cards Ray Rice - And that's quite the way to wrap up an interesting streak of players. Well, I guess he's interesting in a current sense, but not for any positive reason.
2010 Score Dwayne Bowe
1991 Score Terry McDaniel
1990 Topps Roy Foster - And we head back to those wacky days when OL guys would get a base card.
1991 Pro Set Jim Lachey
1997 Coll. Choice Eddie Kenison
1991 Score Mel Gray
1989 Pro Set Willie Gault
1990 Pro Set Dalton Hilliard
1990 Score Scott Norwood - WOO HOO! A Bills card. Even if it is 'Wide Right' Norwood.
1991 Pro Set Leon Seals - And another!
1995 Coll Choice Aubrey Beavers - Hee Hee! Aubrey.
1991 Pro Set Ken Dallafior
1993 UD Demetrius Dubose
1991 Pro Set Henry Jones - And another Bills card. That's 4 so far (counting the Thurman).
2000 Gold Label Jake Plummer - It is always fun to add higher end base cards via a repack.
1989 Topps James Hasty
1990 Score Albert Bentley
2008 SP Authentic Calvin Johnson
2001 Topps Jamar Fletcher
1991 All-World CFL Dieter Brock
2000 Topps Stad. Club Peerless Price - And yet another Bill. I've done better from this repack than all the 2014 product I've bought so far, which I think has landed me 3 Bills cards.
1990 Score Dave Duerson
2009 Prestige Kevin Smith - I actually pulled one of these from either a basketball or baseball repack.
1990 Score Willie Anderson
1992 UD Kevin Turner
1993 Topps Tim McDonald
1990 Fleer Rod Woodson
2008 Score Demetrius Byrd
2008 Score Travis Beckum
2008 Score Alphonso Smith
2008 Score PJ Hill
2008 Score Tom Brandstater - These were my promised 5 rookies. Not one of them appears (read: from the first few wikipedia sentences) to currently be on a roster in the NFL.
1995 Skybox Chris Warren - Random horizontal photo.
1994 Coll. Choice Rocket Ismail - Kind of surprising to see a card like this as one of the visible ones, but since he's a CFL alum, I won't complain.

Not a bad start to this. Some Bills. Some interesting cards for my misc collection. I'd rather this be a 100 card as opposed to a 75 card repack, but that's just a minor complaint.

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