Wednesday 3 September 2014

My 900th post repacktular!

900 posts. Wow. I was going to show off the contents from my second jumbo pack of 2014 Topps Football, but I guess I'll do something appropriate for me, and pick up a repack instead. The only hockey items at Target this morning were those 100 card rack packs, which usually leave me with enough 1990 Bowman/Score to wallpaper a room, the 20 packs and a hit repack (too much volume), and a single box with 4 packs, 50 cards, and a bonus item. I went with that. And the last one of these landed me a Young Guns of Tavares.

The bonus item usually turns out to be a garish Pacific card. Not this time.
A random miniature Vancouver Canucks guy. It is really tiny - about the size of the top third of my pinky finger. At least it is less likely to cause blindness than the typical Pacific card.

For the card portion, let's start with the 50 cards!
2005 UD - Phenomenal Beginning - Sidney Crosby - It is always nice to start off a repack with a marquee player.
1991 Arena Holograms Tuxedo French - Markus Naslund
1991 Arena Holograms Tuxedo French - Pat Peake
1991 Arena Holograms Tuxedo French - Pat Falloon & Scott LaChance
1991 Arena Holograms Tuxedo French - Peter Forsberg
1991 Arena Holograms Tuxedo French - Donevan Hextall - A distant cousin of Ron, he never reached the NHL. Doesn't even have a wikipedia entry.
1990 Bowman - Denis Savard
1990 Bowman - Scott Gordon
1990 Bowman - Dave Gagner
1990 Bowman - Steve Larmer
1991 UD - Paul Ranheim
1993 Parkhurst Emerald - Brad May - Parallels are always nice.
1994 Classic 4 Sport - Jason Weimer
1995 Classic Drafts - Marc Chouinard
1992 Stad. Club - Scott Niedermayer
1994 Classic Assets - Peter Sykora - I think this is my first Detroit Vipers card.
1992 Parkhurst - Valeri Zelepukin
1994 Signature Rookies - Juha Vurovirta - Wow! Only 45,000 copies!
1995 Zenith - Ulf Dahlen
1997 Donruss - Keith Tkachuk - 1997 Donruss was very underrated in terms of having interesting photos. This is another one.
1991 Score - Geoff Courtnall
1991 Pro Set Platinum - Dirk Graham
1994 Doruss - Brett Lindros
1991 UD - Dave Manson
1981 Topps West - Rob Ramage - WOO-HOO! A totally unexpected early 80s card, and this one features a beautiful look at the classic Colorado Rockies logo.
1998 Pacific - Magnus Arvedson - WOO-HOO! Sens content! And the only Senators content in the repack.
1991 UD - Petr Svoboda - How did I not already have one of these in my 2-14 collection?
1990 Pro Set - Alain Chevrier
1990 Pro Set - Mike Hartman - A Hall of Famer! That's the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, mind you. Thanks wikipedia!
1994 Classic - North Bay Centennials prospects - Of the 4 guys on the card, only Vitali Yachmenev really had a career in the NHL.
1996 Leaf - Paul Kariya
1991 Pro Set Platinum - Mike Ridley
1991 Pro Set - Randy Gilhen
1990 Score - Mark Messier
1991 Pro Set - John McIntyre
1991 UD French - Tyler Wright
1991 OPC - Peter Sidorkiewicz
1991 Pro Set - Lucien Deblois
1991 Pro Set - Jiri Latal
1990 Bowman - Brent Ashton
1990 Bowman - Brad Shaw
1990 Bowman - Dale Hawerchuk
1990 Bowman - Mike Richter
1990 Bowman - Jari Kurri
1990 UD - Derian Hatcher
1990 Bowman - Patrik Sundstrom
2013 Score - Dan Boyle - I'm surprised to find something relatively recent in these. Not the best, but at least it breaks the string of cards from 90 or 91.
2013 Prizm - Alex Semin

1991 7th Inning Sketch - WHL - Shane Peacock - And that's the end of the random cards portion. And now, the packs.
2005 Hot Prospects - Wow. Surprised to pull a relic hit out of one of these. Mind you, it is somebody who I havent even heard of. There were no odds on this pull on the pack.
2007 Victory - Nothing much to see here, although Biron is rocking his "I just traded from Buffalo" look with the plain mask and blue/yellow pads.
2010 Victory - More Victory? When it includes a new Brandon Sutter for my 2/14 collection, I don't have much to complain about.
2012 Score - While I'd rather have Richard Bachman 'Shining' mask for my collection, this will do. As will the parallel of Hedberg's devilish moose mask.

The bonus item was certainly a unique one. And it is enough, along with the Ramage, the relic and the 2/14 cards for me to give a slight thumbs up to this repack.

And no repack stuff tomorrow. I promise.


  1. I remember people pre-ordering that Arena hockey set.

  2. Congrats on 900, and keep up the repacks--they're fun!

  3. Congrats on 900, and cool Nucks mini-figure! They are called Teenymates - I have 4 of them, including the Sens one :)

  4. Congratulations on making it to 900! Here's to 900 more!

  5. Congrats on 900. It's been a long time since I've bought a repack. Merry Christmas to me? Maybe Happy Halloween.

  6. Congrats! Here's to 900 more repacks!