Monday 22 September 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 54: Vintage!

Or vintage in the sense that the repackage promised 3 vintage cards. And that they're just commons from the 70s.
But I got 4 of them, even if the Arlin is well-loved. Although I confess that Dave Cash is the only I had heard of beyond having cards of them.
4 retros, but a quintet of oddballs. I don't know what is more surreal - the mustache on the Will Clark, or the Dante Bichette card as a whole. At least two of them don't have airbrushed hats. Or in the case of Dante - airbrushed everything.
Here's another quintet of cards, these all being Stadium Clubs. The Stynes and Fernandez are actully dupes for me from a previous repack.
The Stadium Club were grouped right beside each other - as were this pair of Archis.
These Joe Carters were not grouped together. But they were only one of my personal PC players that were found in this.
But I did hit a Diamond King. Always nice pulls, even if they are 1989 versions.
Some higher end stuff was in here as well. Happy about the Kotsay, not so much so about the Curtis.
How did my team collections do? 100 cards - 1 Met.
A trio of Expos.
But a pile of Blue Jays! Duane Ward wins the photograph wars with his autographing card. Counting the Joe Carter earlier, they easily win this one with 7 cards.
But the photo winner easily goes to this Jose Offerman. I've been watching a lot of lucha libre lately, and that is a foul that would satisfy the most dastardly rudo.

A pretty satisfying repack.


  1. Ron Scheuler moved to the front office for the Sox for about 12 years.

  2. Looks like Offerman came off the top ropes!