Monday 8 September 2014

Envelope Catch Up - Part #3

Two more envelopes to go.

First up in terms of showing up was PWE from Jeff @ 2*3 heroes.

Let's start off with yet another Alfredsson card for that binder. I admit to never having busted anything ofEx, so I'll gladly add this one to my collection.
I'd give the nod with these mask cards to Tim Thomas, had the whole bear design on a Bruins mask not been overdone. So, I'll instead give it to the Statue of Liberty on the side of Henrik's mask.

So, thanks for that PWE, and I'm glad you liked that Savard/Havlat dual relic I sent your way.

Next up, not quite a PWE, but a small yellow bubble envelope full of goodies for my various team collections.

Some Expos!
Some Jays!
Some Mets!
And some cards of a guy born on Valentine's Day!
A nice mix, and another thanks for these goodies! I've got something heading your way courtesy of my latest COMC challenges shipment, so that should be in my hands in a month, and on the way back stateside shortly afterwards.

1 comment:

  1. I pulled that clear Alfie from a pack wars at my LCS about a month ago. The moment I saw it, I knew where it belonged.