Friday 19 September 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 47 - Oddball birthplaces - Football Edition

While I have gone for this with hockey, hunting down base cards for players who were either the only, or one of the few players to be born in a certain country or state. With the latest COMC package, I did the same and added some football, basketball and baseball to that mini-collection. So, cross referencing with the birthplaces portion of pro-football-reference, here's a quick world tour! Cards appear chronologically and unless otherwise stated, said person is the only person born in that particular country to reach the NFL.

Cyprus! And Garo might be the most kicker looking kicker ever.
Ghana! There were two players from Ghana, but there were no cards available of Phil Yeboah-Kodie, and either way, this guy is named Ebenezer.
The Marshall Islands!
Ivory Coast! Or Côte d'Ivoire, depending on your language preferences.
St. Kitts!
Haiti! Haiti is actually the country with the most players in NFL history in this post. I picked Gosder Cherilus for simply having the more awesome name of the 4. The decision was helped because he was one of two with cards, and Vlad Ducasse's were costlier.
Saudi Arabia!
West Germany! There have been quite a few born in Germany, but Jenkins is one of only 3 where it was listed as a West Germany at PFR. I'm guessing they were mostly military families. Even though it does seem like nobody has been born there since reunification.
And finally, the US Virgin Islands.

OF these guys, Joseph, Jenkins and  Cherilus are all still active.


  1. Someone forgot to tell Benny Ricardo to take his helmet off for his portrait.

  2. No Tebow? According to football reference, he's the only guy to be born in the Phillippines. However... three guys were born in the Phillipines. And another three were born in the Philippines. Didn't realize you could spell that country in so many ways.

    Anyways... still waiting for a Japanese NFL player who was actually born in Japan. I have a feeling I'll be waiting a long time.

  3. I just bought a Garo Yepremian card. *blush*

    Oh, geez. He played for the Saints at one point? *double blush*

    Also, Mike Jenkins does not look like he's from West Germany. I'm thinking there are a few Military dads going on here.