Tuesday 2 September 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 51.2 - 75 card football repack

And the other side!
2012 Prestige Reggie Wayne - Not the most interesting way to start off the other side, but I was far more
interested in the visible Thurman  Thomas on the other side.
2008 Score Matt Ryan - Another pretty good rookie pull, especially from a repack.
2012 Topps Greg Childs
1994 Topps Reggie Langhorne
1991 Pro Set Darryl Lewis
1990 Score Bart Oates
1991 Pro Set Scott Norwood - Lots of Bills on the other side, but this was the only one on this side.
1990 Score Mel Owens - I didn't find any repacked Wolverines alum to set aside for TMM, but I knew I'd find at least one on the other side.
1992 Score Siran Stacy
2008 Topps Sammy Morris - There's something you don't see often on football cards. Born in Oxford.
1990 Score John L. Williams
1990 Score Chris Miller
1984 Topps Steve Largent - The oldest card in the repack, and it is a HOFer! Nice!
2009 Chad Ocho Cinco - I think this is my first card where he isn't Chad Johnson on it.
1992 Action Packed Fred McAfee - Action Packed cards are always nice repack finds, and there's usually at least one per repack.
1990 Score James Thornton
1990 Pro Set Lars Tate
1990 Topps Sean Farrell
1990 Topps Bruce Armstrong
1991 Ultra Dennis Gentry
1993 Pinnacle Eric Hill
1991 Pro Set Jeff Query
1990 Rodney Peete
1992 Fleer Emmitt Smith
1990 Topps Steve Grogan - All the 1990 Topps cards in this side of the repack were Patriots.
1991 Pro Set Damone Johnson
1993 Classic Roosevelt Potts
2011 Topps DeSean Jackson
2011 Topps Steven Jackson
2011 Topps Santna Moss
2011 Topps TJ Ward
2011 Topps Steve Breaston
2011 Topps John Kuhn
2011 Topps Jermaine Gresham
2011 Topps Cortland Finnegan
2011 Topps Davone Bess - Now that is a wall of cards from the same set. But, there are some nice ones here photographically, with the visible precipitation on the Santana Moss and the attempted strip of the ball on the Finnegan. Breaston joins the Owens as a card set aside for TMM.
2011 Score Jimmy Graham

Not a bad repack. A good number of Bills cards are always nice additions. A couple surprisingly good rookies as well with the Ryan and Flacco, and a couple 80s cards of Hall of Famers with Steve Largent and Walter Payton. Aside from the wall of 2011 Topps, a nice variety of sets scattered throughout as well.

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  1. Nice Largent. The Grogan reminds me that I prefer the old Patriots logo to the current one that mostly makes me think of the post office.