Monday 29 September 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 50: Masked Mondays Week 33

With the NHL season just over the horizon, time to do another one of these. This time, a 4 pack from COMC.
I have no idea if Tyler Plante is any relation at all to Jacques Plante. Given that Tyler is from Milwaukee, it is doubtful, but you never really know how a family tree will branch. But he salutes the pioneer of masks in this, a design that Carey Price would use a few years later during the Heritage Classic. Tyler never played a minute in the NHL, but like others before him, time spent on the bench as a backup was enough to earn a card.
If you are a Flyer, you might as well go with a Flyer on your mask. In this case, a slightly insane looking pilot.
When you're the first player born in Japan to reach the NHL, I guess you should have the rising sun on the chin portion of the mask. This does appear to be his only card where he's pictured with that style of mask, as the others seem to have a more regal version with his Manchester Monarchs AHL mask.
And finally, a classic from the 80s. I actually put this one in my inventory a day or two before picking up a more detailed ITG close up from the Decades 80s. But it is still a classic look, so why not have the mask in the binder twice.

Tomorrow, maybe more of that Heritage minors box. Maybe.


  1. Not related to Jacques, but Plante's dad Cam did play two games for the Leafs in the 80's, and his brother Alex has played for the Oilers. He was born while his dad was playing in Milwaukee.

  2. Murray Bannerman may have my favorite mask in history.