Monday 15 September 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 52 - Generic 100 Card Hanger

Some of these promise vintage cards. Some promise rookies. Some promise Hall of Famers. This one didn't promise anything aside from showing off 4 cards in the window. And it might have been one of the dullest I've busted. I usually list everything in it, and split it into two separate posts. This one was bland enough for me to just do one post with everything. But there were still some interesting cards to show off. And I'll highlight them.

Here were the visible cards. The Utley was my reason for grabbing this repack. Chicle cards were hit and miss in 2010, but this one definitely was a hit.
Starting with the left side of the repack, here's a card of a guy who never made the bigs, but stayed around the minors and independent baseball for about 15 years. It is a shame he didn't make the bigs, since Buck McNabb would have been an awesome big league name.
I've expressed my love for the backs of the Ultra releases before. How do you make them even better? Throwbacks! There were more photos of him in 1992 sets that feature him doing something in the throwbacks other than delivering the game-winning bunt.
Favourite photo in the whole repack? This one. A catcher in classic road blues trying to throw out the runner is nice, but it really speaks as to how bland the photos were in this.
Oldest card was this 1982 semi-oddball.
But the winner of the oddball wars was this Drake's of Ben Oglivie. More Brewers road blues!
Overall, my favourite on this side was this comic card commemorating a no-hitter. I've already picked up one of these for my Expos collection, so I wasn't exactly surprised by how thin these are. But, could they have made the Braves fan in the audience look more like an unflattering yokel? I'm surprised there wasn't a propeller on that cap.
Speaking of Expos, this was the only one on the left side.
This was the only Met, but 1 card of each was enough to surpass the Blue Jays content in the whole repack.
Mets content on the right side equaled the content on the left.
But the Expos content was 2 cards. The hair on the Pascual Perez is so 1989/1990 in terms of hair that it is really all you can want from a generic headshot. A beautiful melding of the Jheri Curl and Mullet! You'd probably have to wring that haircut out for days. Pure sleaziness and pure awesome.
This man has no neck.
There was a minor league card, or at least close enough for government work to count in the opening half. But this one is purer minor leagues. A generic photo. A generic pose. You can just hear the photographer screaming "NEXT!" in the background. As best as I can tell, this is Eric Woods' only card at any level.
Ellis Burks spent 3 years in Cleveland. Yet cards of him in a Cleveland uniform still seem odd to me.
While I wasn't exactly as big a fan of the content of this repack as I am of most, this one made a great late comeback. It doesn't matter who the player is, a Sportflics card is always fun to find.
And it wraps up with a trio of Hall of Fame inserts.

Definitely not the best repack I've ever busted, but it did provide me with a couple pages worth of binder material. That's all I can ask for when I shell out $5.