Sunday 28 September 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 49 - Oddball birthplaces - Baseball Edition

As with the previous football edition, I went off to baseball reference, and headed to the birthplaces with only one or two people born there. Removing ones where the only player or players did not have reasonably priced cards, or ones without the birthplaces listed, these were the places on this world tour. I also didn't count guys I already had at least one card of. Sorry, Chito Martinez, Gerald Young and Tony Solaita (Belize, Honduras and American Samoa).
The Philippines! And it is an oddball as well, being a Mother's Cookies card.
Russia! Although there were 8 MLBers in history born there, Cole is the only player born there to have played since the 1930s.
Saudi Arabia! He's one of two, with the other being Alex Wilson. At the time, the only reasonably priced Wilsons at was his '13 Prizm. Since I knew those didn't have birthplaces listed, I didn't bother. Only for the write-up to cover that he was born in Saudi Arabia while his dad worked there. Oops. Next time.
And Singapore! All of these are 1 of 1s for being born in that particular country.

Just basketball to go on this world tour!