Tuesday 23 September 2014

The Zenith of Interesting Repack Pulls

For those awaiting the cards from my Heritage Minors box,  I'm holding off for a bit. At least until a small envelope arrives containing the final card I need to finish the regular Heritage set. I want the one completed before I start adding the minors cards to the binder.

But, more hockey as I grabbed another one of those cards/stickers cube from Wally World. 6 packs (they advertised 5), along with 55 loose cards and 10 packs of stickers. The packs were 10-11 Zenith Hobby (visible), with the others being 1997 Pinnacle Certified, 1998 Choice, 2007 Victory, 2008 Choice and 2008 Victory. Only the 08 Victory differed from the last cube.

But this time I'm going to limit my content in this post to the Hobby pack of Zenith. While I have had better pulls this year from a repack in terms of book value, namely the Tavares Young Gun this one is definitely more unique.

When I opened the pack, a dummy card was quite obvious. I thought "Oh well. It isn't like I could have searched this anyhow." But I did see the corner of one of the cards to see I had landed a card numbered to 199.

I was even happier turning it over.
Now that's a unique subject for an autograph subset. Other subjects that would have been interesting pulls for me would have been current Bruins coach Claude Julien, or former Sens coach Jacques Martin. Especially since the latter featured a Heritage Classic photo.

If it possible for an auto to be an oddball, this would be as close as you can get without pulling a "fans of the game" auto.
Here's the back of the card. The expected recycled photo along with stats and a write-up.
That auto wasn't even the only numbered card I pulled. There was also this to #999. Byron has spent the last few seasons bouncing between the NHL and the AHL in the Calgary system.
And to complete things, the base.

At least with the auto, there will be no contest as to which was better this time around in the Cube vs. Cards contest.

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  1. I always thought Boudreau looks like a cartoon character...especially when he is pissed off. Great repack pull!