Saturday 13 September 2014

2014-15 O-Pee-Chee Blaster - Box #1

Regarding the title of this blog post, I've only purchased one blaster of the product. I'm not sure if I'll bust more, or stick to rack packs and singles the rest of the way home.
14 packs per box. The bonus pack was part of the 14, so there really wasn't a bonus pack inside. Maybe they just didn't update the template.

Leading off with some base that was in my wheelhouse.
A nice trio of Senators cards starts it off. They're even all still on the team as I type this! That's a good sign, I guess.
And stuff for the mask binder as well! Or at least the dupes.
Unlike being in every pack with hobby releases, in the retail, the retro parallels fall at 1 in every two packs. This was actually a pretty good run of retros.
If there wasn't a retro parallel in the pack, there would be one of the rookie or legend SPs. There is definitely an interesting mix among the latter. We've got the obligatory appearance of Gretzky, . Brian Leetch is a little less common in these type of subsets, but he certainly qualifies as a legend. Olaf Kolzig is a lot bigger surprise to find in these, but he has shown up in ITG sets recently, so he's still had some post-retirement card history. And he's a member of the 300 win club.

But Rob "Down Goes" Brown?

He hasn't had a card in any NHL release since the turn of the millennium.

And he shows up in this?


Who needs major names when I get a Rob Brown?

As for other inserts, here they are.
These fall at 1:7 rate in retail packs, so I should get, and got 2 from the blaster.
Stickers fall at 1:6, so I did a bit better than expected. The collation remains as ghastly as in the hobby packs, as these cards were numbered 94, 95 and 96. LeClair is another name who you really don't expect in a 100 card subset.

I struck out on minis, which came at a 1:32 rate.

But, I did get one more insert, one that was a slightly tougher pull from a retail product.
And by slightly tougher pull, I mean these fall at these odds:
Now this is obviously a sticker dump, as if the #29 on a stickergraph where Oduya is wearing #27 didn't make it obvious. But I'm not going to complain about hitting this one at very long odds. The odds in hobby packs are better, but at 1:192 it is still 1 in every 6 boxes.

This will probably end up in the next package I send to someone who likes his heroes in 2*3 form.

So, with this, I'm probably about half way to completing the non-SP base set, and 1/4 of the way through the SPs. With about 35 dupes.

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