Sunday 31 August 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 50 - I'm a sucker for the classics

And by classics I mean the $1 for 15 card hanger repacks at Dollarama.

2011 UD Christian Ehrhoff - When in doubt, pull the pack with the most interesting card visible. In this case, it was this one that won.
1991 Score Patrick LeBeau
2000 Pacific Steve Passmore - Here's a set I'm not used to seeing in repacks. A nice addition to my mask binder.
1990 UD Mike Gartner
2000 Victory Dave Scatchard - And here's another set that doesn't show up much.
1991 Pro Set French Jacques Plante - Although I already have the English version in the mask binder, it is nice to welcome its francophone cousin.
1993 Classic Ryan Hughes
2000 Pacific McDonald's Pavel Bure - Shiny!
1994 Donruss Claude LaPointe - If they can use 4 different photos on the back (Yeah, I'll count the #47), with a 5th on the front, in a 1994 release, why can't it be done in releases 20 years later?
2005 Heroes & Prospects Alexandre Vincent - Never reached the bigs, but will make it into the mask binder. On the upside, at least he can say he played for a team called "St. Georges Cool 103.5 FM".
1991 UD Claude Boivin
1991 Score Bob MCGill
1990 Bowman Troy Mallette - Naturally.
2013 Score Michael Ryder - And this wraps it up.

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  1. I love when they turn the goal cam images into cards. It's a great angle they use in just the right amount.