Friday 29 August 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 48.2: More from thje Generic 100 card hanger

And here's the other side.

2001 Platinum Jim Thome - A nice start with this visible card.
1978 Topps Al Oliver
1978 Topps Tim Blackwell - I won't turn down any unexpected 70s cards.
2010 Topps Tyler Colvin
2010 Topps Tyler Colvin - Yay! Dupes!
1984 Topps Scott Sanderson
1982 Topps Dave Tobik
1983 Topps Bump Wills - Or a nice mix of cards from the 80s. Especially when one features the spectacular name of Bump.
Yankee Stad. Legacy - Wade Boggs
1990 Bowman Glenn Braggs
1990 Bowman Dave Winfield
1990 Bowman Jeff Ballard
1990 Topps Traded Wayne Edwards
1990 Topps Traded Storm Davis
1990 Topps Traded Steve Howard
2004 Certified Edwin Jackson
2000 Stad. Club Dave Nilsson - My favourite photo in this side of the repacked cards is a nice PATP shot.
1996 Donruss Chuck Finley
2001 Vintage Dodgers Rookies - One of my favourite names in baseball history with the Hiram Bocachica appearance.
2008 Topps Matt Tolbert
2008 Topps Rich Aurilia
2008 Topps Anibal Sanchez
2008 Topps Tim Lincecum
1992 Megacards Ruth - The Bambino - The Man
1989 Bazooka Tony Gwynn
1991 UD Winfield's 400th - And wrapping things up with a nice drawn card.

I'll just hit the highlights from the two packs.
The Topps cards produced a few interesting ones. A great photo choice on the gold parallel, an alternate uniform on a card that might have been my favourite Mets base card of 2012, along with an always-welcome mini.

But the 1989 Fleer worked out better than I'd expect for keepers.
A bat barrel. A batting tee. A pitcher batting (a pitcher in the AL, no less) and a turning two. I'm stunned by the fact I'm wowed by photo  choices in a pack of 1989 Fleer. But such is the beast that is a repack where you never really know where the amazing is going to come from.

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