Thursday 28 August 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 48.1: Generic 100 card hanger

There's probably no better method for me to mark the days up to my second year of blogging about my love for cheap pack and repack busting with a bunch of repacks for the next few days. So, let's start with a 100 card pack (with the obligatory packs 0f '12 Update and '89 Fleer added as well). First up, the side without the packs.

2010 Topps Justin Morneau - Visible Cancon! Yay!
2012 Topps Javy Guerra
2012 Topps Peter Bourjos
1992 Ultra John Candeleria - I'm not sure why, but I love the design on the backs of these.
2012 Archives Lance Parrish - Wow. A short-print in a repack.
1989 Topps George Brett
1989 Topps Mets Leaders - Woo-HOO! A Mets card!
1992 Bowman Hal Morris - As usual, at least one card to set aside for TMM.
1992 UD Tom Nevers
1989 Topps Tim Laudner
1991 Topps Travis Fryman - Great horizontal card working with the photo.
1986 Donruss Ramon Romero
1992 Fleer Jerald Clark
1987 Topps Gary Pettis
1986 Donruss Ricky Horton - Another proof I've watched too much wrestling in my time. I wanted to type that name as Ricky Morton. If I had gotten card #271 in this set (Bob Gibson), that would have been really strange.
1996 Ultra Juan Guzman - WOO-HOO! A Blue Jays card!
1992 Fleer David Wells - And another
2003 MLB Showdown Brian Giles - Do these count as an oddball?
1986 Donruss Danny Jackson
1988 Donruss Dave Meads
1989 Donruss Don Carman
1990 Donruss Lance McCullers
1990 Donruss Dan Schatzeder
1990 Donruss Checklist
1990 Donruss Charlie Hayes
1990 Donruss Mike Gallego
1990 Donruss Julio Machado - Not even a Mets card can break the tedium of this 1990 Donruss run.
1990 Donruss Erik Hanson
1990 Topps Stickers Carlton Fisk
1990 Topps Stickers Don Mattingly
1990 Topps Stickers Bobby Thigpen
1990 Topps Stickers Steve Sax - "I heard some guy got killed in New York City and they never solved the case. But you wouldn't know anything about that now, would you, Steve?"
1990 Topps Stickers Lou Whitaker
1990 Topps Stickers Gary Gaetti
1988 Topps UK Paul Molitor
1988 Topps UK Robin Yount
1988 Topps UK Wade Boggs
1988 Topps UK Don Mattingly
1991 UD Todd Benzinger
1992 Premier Tim Naehring
1991 Premier Dave Winfield
1992 UD Scott Servais
1989 Topps Tony Pena
1992 UD Mike Simms
1992 UD Mike Remlinger - Not surprisingly, the most interesting photo in this half goes to a card from UD.
1989 Topps Don Robinson
1993 Donruss Hubie Brooks
1991 Glossy All-Star Len Dykstra
1991 Glossy All-Star Will Clark
1991 Glossy All-Star Andre Dawson
1990 Glossy All-Star Ryan Sandberg
1990 Glossy All-Star Ozzie Smith
1990 Glossy All-Star Rick Reuschel
1990 Glossy All-Star Ruben Sierra
1990 Glossy All-Star Tony LaRussa
1990 Glossy All-Star Mark McGwire
1990 Glossy All-Star Kirby Puckett
1990 Glossy All-Star Dave Stewart - WOO-HOO! This finishes this subset for me. One I built entirely through repacks. This card vanishes from my 10 Most Wanted list as well.
1990 Glossy All-Star Carl Yastrzemski
2010 Topps James Shields

Any time I can use a repack to remove a card from my most wanted list, that's a nice repack.


  1. Good stuff, I totally agree with you about the early Fleer Ultra backs, always like them both in baseball and hockey.