Wednesday 27 August 2014

A Sportlots Mailday

The title says it all. 10 cards from sportlots, which put this seller at the level where shipping moves into the category I wasn't willing to pay shipping on.
Since it only counts as 2 cards, let's start with some set building. 2 down. 2 to go with completing 2014 Heritage. With 1 on the way in the Votto, only Pedro Alvarez remains outstanding as the last card to be slipped into the binder.

And the rest of this 10 card envelope was hockey!
Let's start with a quartet of Alfredssons. Nothing too special, but it fills up 4 sleeves in his binder.
Next up is a pair of interesting additions to my 2/14 collection. My 66th card of Gaborik might be the strangest of the bunch, as ITG gets around the lack of a pro license with a painted Gaborik from Heroes and Prospects. And a retro parallel of Brandon Sutter moves his total to 19.
I have no idea how Harold Snepsts managed to get himself on a base card in Artifacts. He's definitely not in the group of guys you'd imagine as being in this set. But I guess that's why I picked it up.
And finally, since I had room for one more card, I figured I'd look to see if there were any reasonably priced Gabriel Dumonts in this seller's inventory to send off to the Clubhouse. There weren't but I figure a card of a QMJHL goaltender, who only had cards from his time in junior would suffice as an odd addition when I next send a PWE.

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  1. Congrats on the Heritage set. That is a tough one to build. I'm about 12 cards short right now.