Monday 4 August 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 45.1 - Another new repack type

This time, a basketball repack that promised a Kevin Durant rookie card, along with 99 other cards. Split into 50 each.

2007 Topps White border Kevin Durant I pretty much expected that this would be the Durant rookie card. And that kills the suspense one card in. But, let's see what the other 49 cards are on this half.
2007 Topps White Border Corey Brewer
2004 Press Pass Big Numbers Sebastien Telfair
1992 Hoops Jeff Turner
1992 UD Jay Humphries
1994 UD Derek Strong - I didn't pull any Raptors on this side, so I'll highlight the Celtics I got. 1 of 3 on this side.
1994 UD Scott Williams
1990 Fleer Michael Adams
1990 Hoops Harold Pressley
1992 Hoops Rookie Checklist - Checklists are usually a bummer in repacks, but I really do like going over this one to see who made it, and who did it.
1990 Skybox Blair Rasmussen
1991 Fleer Paul Graham
1991 Fleer Rodney Monroe
1991 Hoops Jerry Reynolds
1992 UD Sean Rooks
1993 Stadium Club Chris Mills
1995 UD Greg Minor - Celtics card #2.
1990 Hoops Rickey Green
1990 Skybox Greg Anderson
2002 Topps Chris Mihm
1992 Classic Steve Rogers
1989 Hoops Jay Humphries
1993 Ultra Horace Grant
1994 Topps Priest Lauderdale - One of my favourites in the mid 90s, solely for his name.
1993 Stad. Club Tom Gugliotta
1995 Sports Heroes Bob Sura
1999 UD Bob Sura - Back-to-back cards from the same guy? That's the fun of repacks!
1989 Hoops Danny Young
1993 Skybox Randy Woods
1999 Skybox Apex Tony Battie - And the third Celtic.
1999 Ultra Kerry Kittles
1993 UD John Salley
1991 Hoops Jon Koncak
1996 Skybox Reggie Miller
1990 Hoops Fat Lever
1997 Skybox Shane Heal
1994 UD Felton Spencer
1994 Fleer Tony Bennett
1992 Ulra Dennis Rodman
1994 Classic Jervaughn Scales - I've never heard of this guy, and he never reached the NBA, but there's another name I love.
1994 Classic Dikembe Motumbo
2003 Finite Tony Kukoc - It is always nice to find cards from higher end sets in these. This actually started a nice run of these types of cards that left the junk wax era behind.
2001 Showcase Rashard Lewis
2003 SPX Bonzi Wells
2000 UD Kobe Bryant - Not a high end, but a major name.
2001 Hot Prospects Stephon Marbury
2001 Hot Prospects Shareef Abdur-Rahim
2002 SP Authentic P.J. Brown
2000 Focus Cedric Ceballos - I really like the 2000 Focus designs, across both this and the other sports they were used in.
2000 Finest Kidd/Stockton - Wrapping up with Finest. Definitely a strange end to the first part of the repack with another mid-range base card.

I'll get to the next 50 sometime later. I busted a third box of Rookie Anthology today, and it was easily my best of the three. I might start that tomorrow. I might not.

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