Monday 11 August 2014

Rookie Anthology Box Break #3: Packs 7 & 8: Back to the Hit Parade

And the box break continues.

Pack #7:
As usual, I'll lead with the base cards. I had already merged these two packs' base cards in with the rest of the set, so I can't recall which ones were needs. I think the Smith was the most likely new one, though.
The obligatory Score insert. If I didn't still need the MacKinnon base in this, I could see myself trying to complete all the Score inserts. But I do have the Hertl and Jones, so it isn't all bad should I decide to go for it. Maybe I'll get some of them with the turnaround cash after sellling the Lillard/Irving dual patch.
And after pulling Select alongside the base and Score rookies last packs, it is only appropriate for this one to have a Prizm.

Pack #8:
I know the Campbell was a need here.
Here's the Score insert.

And insert #2:
The dummy card. With every other box, that signified it would either be a base numbered parallel or a Prizm or Score auto.

And it is...
Not the best, but an auto is still an auto.

Two more packs to go, and it was these two that made me think that this was the best of my 3 R.A. boxes.

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