Friday, 15 August 2014

Trade w/ lonestarr - Part 1

I got an email from lonestarr looking for a good home for a bunch of cards. Bills. Raptors. Jays. Vlads. And the like. While I wasn't able to bring the volume in the envelope I sent, the quality was there and I was able to get a large bubble envelope heading my way.

Despite the large number of cards that went my way, I was able to break things pretty easily down into two categories. Buffalo Bills cards. And non-Buffalo Bills cards. Simple!
Opening up with a nice addition to my Blue Jays collection, and also my favourite card from this portion of the trade - a nice on-card autograph of Vernon Wells. Not the most spectacular penmanship, but does have an nice shininess to it. I'm not sure how autos worked in with the Pack Wars game, though.
And here are some more Jays for theat portion of my collection. Shiny! Parallels! Base! A nice mix.
Not much for the Expos collection, though. Still, it is always fun to welcome an oddball to that binder.
My Vlad binder made out much better.
Transitioning from Vladimir to the Raptors doesn't really make any sense, but I really didn't have any way to move away from or into baseball to any other groups of the cards. So, this will do. The Jimmy King is one third of a group of minis from '96 Collector's Choice. He was grouped with a pair of Fab 5ers, so when I first got this card, it went off to Dennis @ TMM. While another Demar rookie for my collection is nice, the most interesting one to me was the Villanueva in the upper left. For the card back.
Since when does a disease someone suffers from qualify as a "Fun" fact? WTF, Topps?
Thankfully, the Raptors are an easy transition to move from, with yet another Richard Hamilton hit for my 2/14 collection.
Followed be some base. This puts my total for his cards at 22. He still trails Muresan, but that gap should close sooner and Rip will resume the lead. After all, there are 8-9 times more cards of his to chose from.
Football also got a few new cards, and this puts the overall total at 798 overall. I wish I had just one more card in the binder, since the Miller is /799, and would be an appropriate card to put me at the goal. My goal for the year was to add 800 cards, and that will easily drop once I start posting the latest batch on COMC Challenge cards.
And to wrap it up, there were a nice collection of drawn cards for that collection. Considering my collection is mainly baseball and hockey, adding some football is nice. It is hard not to pick this '91 Score of Warrren Moon as my fave in this group. CFL alumni always get a slight edge in picking favourites.

So, that's half the envelope. The Bills portion gets posted sometime next week.

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