Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Group Break Video #3

Video -

Starting again with the good stuff. Sadly, the Angels were traded away, missing out on this /199 blue refractor of Trumbo. Fortunately, the #'d refractor from later on the break does find a home, and it is a really nice rookie card.

I'm probably in the minority here, but I love the mascot manupatches. In this case, Bubba Grape is the mascot for the Jamestown Jammers, an A affiliate of the Pirates. So, this one finds a home with Nathan in this break. It it out of /120.

Here's the cards that are being sent out from the chrome. Aside from the Trumbo, just the base here.
And here's the Pro Debut goodies. Since the mascot took the room of several base cards, this is another one where there were more than half of the cards going out. The rest of the way will see 18, 16, and 19 Pro Debut cards heading out, so you will definitely be getting a good number of base.

Mailday is tomorrow! Part 4 will be sometime tomorrow afternoon!

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