Wednesday, 16 October 2013

And the rest...Part 2

49 cards (or so) left in the misc. card box after putting the Pettis into a hard toploader. Let's dig in to the rest.

2010 Topps James Shields
1988 Topps Bill Madlock
1988 Topps Dave Righetti - This photo just screams 'spring training'.
1988 Topps Ruben Sierra
1988 Topps Steve Ontiveros - Put aside for a Wolverines collector.
1988 Topps Orioles Leaders
1992 Leaf Gold Preview Chris Sabo  - Again, already put aside for a Wolverines collector. The throwback look on the back totally wins the battle over the one on the front.
2000 Fleer Greats of the Game Dave Parker. I love coming across cards from this set.
1984 Fleer Al Oliver. Another obvious spring training picture.
1990 Topps Norm Charlton
1994 Fleer Lee Smith - I'd completely forgotten about Lee Smith being a Yankee.
1994 Fleer Orel Hershiser
1994 Fleer Roger Mason
1994 Fleer Manny Ramirez
1996 Donruss Mike Bordick - This might be one of the worst base designs of the 90s.
1991 Donruss Mike LaValliere
1981 Donruss Dallas Green - The oldest card in the repack.
1990 Atlee Hammaker
1988 Donruss Steve Farr
1987 Topps Luis Salazar
1991 Donruss Scott Fletcher
1991 Donruss Ed Whitson
1989 Fleer Terry Clark
1990 Score Mickey Hatcher
1988 Topps Padres Leaders
1988 Score Dennis Eckersley
1992 Ultra Delino DeShields - The classic blue unis.
1991 Stadium Club Ken Oberkfell. Scanning a Ken Oberkfell card because nobody else would.
1992 Donruss Kevin Reimer - CanCon!
1988 Topps Joey Meyer
1996 Topps Robb Nen
1992 Donruss Ted Higuera
1999 Upper Deck Miguel Tejeda - A great double play turning card.
1990 Score Andy McGaffigan
1992 Donruss Alonzo Powell - Spring training again
1992 Donruss Scott Bailes
1991 Fleer Mackey Sasser. I don't know if my favourite photo is the dusty one on the front, or the "donning the tools of ignorance" photo on the back.
1994 Upper Deck Ozzie Smith - Turning two, again.
1985 Topps Checklist #1
1987 Topps Jim Acker
1992 Score Billy Ripken
2010 Topps John Maine - Another Met!
2010 Topps Luke Hochevar
2010 Topps Ryan Ludwick
2010 Topps Kevin Slowey
2010 Topps Mark Rzepczynski. The only Blue Jays card in the repack.
2010 Topps Albert Pujols. A good base to wrap up with.

I got 3 posts out of this, and some interesting cards. Money's worth on this repack? Most definitely!

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  1. I love any cards of Lee Smith as a Yankee. He lasted exactly eight games with the Bronx Bombers.