Tuesday, 1 October 2013

$30 a week trade + Break Update

At this moment, my parcel shows as "Out for Delivery". I'm hoping it is here today, and can start busting and posting tonight. The only problem is there is construction on my street today, and the post office might be too lazy to go down the street to deliver it.

Keep your eye on THIS LINK and hope the words "Attempted Delivery" don't appear in the status.

Anyhow, now for the trade. I've sent a couple PWEs stateside, filled with serial numbered cards, Joe Sakic cards, and a set completer. The favour was returned last week with a small envelope of goodness.
The highlight of the pack was this card of Stephane Da Costa. And an on-card autograph to boot! Stephane made the team's opening day roster this year. This my second hit of his, both autographs. I'd prefer a full name on the card, but at least it is legible, and not just his initials.
When you buy gold Topps parallels in bulk, you're bound to get some extras. These here qualify, but will find nice homes in either my Mets or Canadian Content binder.
And finally, some early Carlos Delgado cards where he's still sporting catcher's gear. Those are always welcome, especially the Sportflics card. Gaudy, but still great additions to his binder!

Thanks for the trade! I'll keep looking for Sakics!

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