Thursday 30 October 2014

The Manziel Turnaround

I busted one retail hanger box of Topps football, and my one per box relic card was a Johnny Manziel. I didn't really want it, and ebay'd it, and hoped to turn it into something more in line with my collecting tastes. So, how about taking advantage of all the post National Treasures plates out there and add two more to my Senators collection?
Leading this way was this very filthy magenta plate of Jason Spezza. This my first magenta plate, and easily the one that shows the most use of any of them, even the ones that were used on sets that I'm sure had a higher production run than 12-13 Rookie Anthology.
And I've even got a part of the yellow plate on the back.
So, with that hint on yellow, I've got about 1.25 of the 4 plates needed to produce the front image on this card. My plans for world domination through Spezza's 12-13 Rookie Anthology card is about 30 percent fulfilled.

And since I could combine shipping, I picked up a second plate.
Sure, he hasn't seen any action with the big club so far this season, or last season, but it still counts as a Senators 1/1 plate. The black makes the logo pop nicely, that's for certain.

Maybe tomorrow I can finally show off some results from my Update hanger box breakings.