Monday 20 October 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 59.1 Another 10 pack repack

The post title says it all. Here are the contents:

1992 Stadium Club
2003 Flair
2008 UD First Edition Update
2012 Topps Series 2 * 3
2012 Topps S2 Rack Pack
2013 Archives
2013 Heritage
2013 GQ

Lots of S2 from 2012. I'll start with those, and get to the rest tonight or tomorrow. Sure, on paper, this might seem like a dull subject, but I can still find some nice inserts, as well as base cards for my various PCs. Blue Jays. Mets. And interesting photos. And, since it is Series 2, looking for the best (worst) Photoshop jobs. And since it is easier to divide things into groups of 5 as opposed to 4 and 6, I'll also include the the 2008 UDFE.

Time to look for stuff interesting to me.  Case in point:
Mets! Yes, I'll count that 'Ever wonder..." card as a Mets card. I could also include Fransisco under the Bad Photoshops.
Blue Jay content! Yup, that's all there was!
And some sketchy photoshopping! Actually, all the Miami Marlins cards in S2 would qualify. Ditto for the Blue Jays.

So, let's look some of the interesting photos.
Not bad, but not really a good ratio of interesting photos when you have about 60 base cards. Still, I'll work with what I've got. The stadium lurking in the background is the real start of both the Jeter and Upton. There are some nice cards featuring catches either being made or in the process of being made. A couple plays at the plate (even though the catcher is way too far up the baseline on the Mayberry to count). My favourite is probably the Phillips for the celebration shot.

And the inserts:
Lots of keepers here. A cut above might be a groan inducing name for a subset, but I can't hate against the actually look of the cards. Especially when one of them is a Jackie Robinson. Only 1 mini among the 4 packs? I guess I should have hung on to the packs to see if that ratio was typical. A classic Braves uniform highlights the Hank Aaron. And a nice shiny Kerry Wood. A nice photo choice for what would be his base card farewell.

And finally, Upper Deck First edition.
And wow, was it a bland one. Maybe I've busted too many baseball repacks (since every one seems to have one), but every card was a dupe. The only one that wasn't was the Yankee Stadium history card. So, that's what I highlight.
Especially since it is a guy named Moose.

5 packs down. 5 to go.

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