Tuesday 21 October 2014

Hooping it Up

When deciding between purchasing some Update or some Hoops at the LCS, I opted for the latter, seeing as I am less likely to see Hoops on the racks at Walmart or Target. I've already got a pile of Raptors cards on the way through a mojobreak 10 box break, so I was kinda happy not to pull any Raptors cards from these packs. I'm not going to build any basketball sets this year (unless I can find a box at a good price at the Expo), so this and the group break cards will probably be all the Hoops I bust, since I think I'll focus more on building my Raptors collection this season.

While it isn't fair to always judge a set by the first card I see, it always sets a tone for me. This time, the first card out was this card of this card of Shelvin Mack. This photo is from the playoffs, and I really like the contrast of the red jersey against all the yellow in the stands. The card is pretty much a reverse of last year's design. "Hoops" with a team colour background on top. The team logo and the player's name on the bottom. The silver is new for the player, having been used last year on the 'Hoops'.
Not much different about the backs either. But it does give me a chance to show off the new Hornets logo. Other than the Panini logo shifting around (it appears on the bottom on cards of people with shorter careers, and in the upper right for others). The top and bottom have black bands that weren't there last year.
No photoshopping here for new uniforms. Either posed shots or a logo change with a small note of the transaction. Rookie cards generally have photo shoot shots as well, although those are usually posed action shots. If that makes sense.

Case in point:
This parallel of Andrew Wiggins numbered to 99. Much as I would like to put this into my NBA Canadians collection, I'd rather ebay it and turn it into something else. So it is there.
And one parallel deserves some more. The Redick is a green parallel. McCollum is a silver parallel, numbered to /399. The gold parallels return from last year, a little shinier than before, and the red back parallels also return. There are also blue parallels, red parallels, and black 1/1 parallels.

Lots of insert sets as well:
Class Action returns, featuring some of the more successful players from a various years. They are in their draft uniforms, so Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter are Raptors.
Sports photography buffs like myself can enjoy the End 2 End insert set, which is loaded with shots like this, except for the Kevin Love, which is more like something you'd find in a Studio set.
Lights Camera Action is there for some great full bleed photos. It is interesting that they went for an older LeBron photo on a card where the back write up only references a game while he was still with the Heat.
Moments of Greatness commemorates major games for particular players, including some from yesteryear. Elgin Baylor is a part of this subset. Terrence Ross' 51 point game from last year is in this, but I'm wonder if I'm a glutton for punishment because I also want the Kobe card commemorating  his 81 point beatdown against Toronto.
And my final insert was from the High Honors set, which features players with their awards from over the years, although there are some game photos used with a couple players. I'll probably try to get the Dirk Nowitzki from this, since it features both his finals MVP trophy, as well as the championship trophy. The Kareem is also pretty sweet from 1971. Although if this pic of Glen Davis ever made cardboard, I'd proclaim it the greatest card ever.


  1. It took me a second to realize that this was a new set. It looks so similar to last year's.

    It's CJ McCollum, not C.J... according to him at least.

  2. Congrats on the Wiggins! I'm sure you can turn that into something you want.