Friday 31 October 2014

More Upper Deck CFL - Retail

While I admit to not being surprised that I could find CFL cards at the LCS, seeing a blaster on the shelf of the local Target definitely was a surprise.
8 packs with 6 cards each. The same # of cards per pack as the hobby, but with less of a chance of a hit. But, my 10 hobby packs did give me a good return in terms of hits, so I really wouldn't care if I don't get anything from these in that regards.

And I didn't.

But I did do better in one regards - Star Rookies. Both hobby and retail had them at a 1:4 ratio, but I only pulled a Steve Slaton from those.
But I got two from the blaster. I'm really happy about the C.J. Gable. That was one of the cards I really wanted to get.
O-Pee-Chee inserts were also 1:4, and I also got the expected 2. My enjoyment of these really depends on how close the design comes to the team colours. So, despite Labour Day rivalries, the Argos card is a nicer addition than the Riders one.
Defensive SPs are 1 per pack in this as well, so here are the 8 I ended up with. That Beswick is an absolutely gorgeous shot from the Grey Cup introductions.
And here's a sampling of the base cards. I ended up with 6 dupes overall from this portion. Not too bad, and I'm about 30 now away from the base 100 of the set. I've got another checklist to bring to the Expo.

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