Friday 10 October 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 57.3: Stadium Club at the Flea Market - Team Bag #2

1 team bag down. 2 more to go.
It was the photo that made me grab this repack from the group. So many cards of King Felix feature an intense pitching photo, so it is nice to see something a little more casual.
Pretty bland cards here, though. But, with a 200 card base set, you can't expect every card to be amazing.
I don't think gcrl will be able to find a clearer version of the Stan Musial patch for that collection.
I certainly thought this was a re-used photograph from flagship, bit it seems like the angle was just very close to the one used there. Still, I'd hope for something a little different for a marquee player.
Is that the old and mercifully demolished  Exhibition Stadium on this Bo Jackson? It might be, but there were a lot of very ugly stadiums in the late 80s.
Not a bad rookie for a repack. And I can use the 'Mookie' label on this post, now.
On the surface, the Votto looks like a bland photo offering, but not only does it fit into my Canadian Content collection, but upon closer inspection, it is also an alternate uniform. A benefit of the clear photos allows one to spot the camoflauge on the uniform.
Not quite as nice as the Zimmermann I posted this morning.
But this one more than makes up for some bland choices in this portion of the repacked cards. It is only too bad at least one card isn't being passed down for Pence to autograph. But what more can you ask from a photo when you can see every seam on the baseball?
And to wrap things up, here's Mattingly.

Not quite as nice as the last team bag, but a couple keepers is all I can ask for.

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  1. yup, i'll be picking up a shelby miller card at some point...