Friday 31 October 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 61 - Throwbacks

With a huge stack from justcommons having arrived, and with the Expo next week, and with a couple repacks to post, I might as well plow my through the last three or four posts. Maybe I can get through this theme at least before the Expo, with an occasional break for something else.
One of the things I wanted to add into my collection was a creamsicle style relic from the Tampa Bay Bucs. There were some vintage ones with Lee Roy Selmon, but this one that was event-worn was much cheaper. And it calls him Cadillac Williams, so there's also that. I even like the use of a B&W photo for a throwback themed subset.
From a sedate B&W photo on a card to this. Quite the contrast, but I have an excuse. I saw this card with Livan sporting this Senators throwback, and added it to my watch list. Then I went through all the available cards and parallels featuring this photo to get the cheapest. Which was this.
A posting with two baseball cards, and the gaudier of the two isn't the Pacfic issue.  Mind-blowing.

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