Monday 13 October 2014

Under $10 at a card show

With the Expo coming up, I figured I'd still hit the local monthly card show, but would do so on the cheap. I did pretty well, not even breaking the $10.00 mark on cards for myself. I did go over that limit picking up a nice 1/1 plate for Too Many Manninghams, but you'll have to wait to see that until after the Expo when I send out the next package stateside.

Leading off with the big acquisition, an addition for my 2/14 binder that set me back a whopping $2.00. This is my 3rd Richard Hamilton autograph for my collection, but it is my first on-card autograph of his. Considering his cheapest auto on COMC is $4.29, I'll take this great deal. Now all I need is a relic of one of his face masks. Considering Panini has towel and Santa hat relics, this has to be a thing. Make it happen!
Here are a few more addition to the 2/14 collection. The most interesting in this bunch is the Muresan, which is a sticker from an Italian edition of Upper Deck. I didn't even know that Upper Deck did standalone sticker sets.
Champ's can have sort of a A&G vibe when it comes to hockey sets, albeit with far fewer non-hockey inserts. Still, oddball inserts like this make me hopeful that this set will make a return with UD's monopoly.
My first Ottawa Silver Seven card!
Considering that cards of the era always featured the Canucks black road jerseys, I couldn't resist shelling out a dime and adding a photo of one of their yellow jerseys to my collections. The 'Babe' patch can trace this photo to midway through the 1988-89 season, following the death of the team's goodwill ambassador, Babe Pratt.
A short-printed double diamond of Al MacInnis for my Rangers alumni collection for a dime? Sounds good to me!
As well as a TMM-bound Glen Rice insert. Again, one whole dime.
Time to up this a bit in terms of volume, and get to a couple more hits. Firstly, that's an autographed Michal Jordan rookie card! For less than a toonie! Just one letter away from being the deal of the century! And any cheap Mets hit is a welcome Mets hit.
The dime box I grabbed the Rice, Linden and MacInnis from also had a small selection of 2000 Stadium Club Chrome. These 8 represent about half of my pulls from that box. A nice collection of PC stuff and interesting photos.
And enough of a variety of masks to make this post appropriate for a Masked Monday post. Even though it isn't.

Not a bad haul for the cost.


  1. I hope Champ's comes back. My LCS got in boxes of 08-09 and I really need the cash to buy a couple.

  2. That Trevor Linden card is awesome.

  3. I have visions of Richard Hamilton destroying the Mountaineers when he was in college.