Tuesday 14 October 2014

Trade w/ Shoebox Legends

I'm always on the lookout for random Hartford Whalers, Bruins or BoSox to ship to Shane @ Shoebox Legends. I dropped a recent envelope his way, and in turn, an envelope was sent my way.
Strangely, the highlight was a 1991 Classic draft pick set. I'd received one in a previous trade (I think from TMM.V), but left the limited set sealed (because who wouldn't leave a set limited to 360,000 copies sealed). But, this I had to bust. And lead with an oddball in the set. I guess since the Tacoma Rockets had yet to take the ice, this custom jersey would do.
The cards were stuck together. Basically a brick that I had to peel apart card my card. Only the Rene Corbet was damaged in  that process. But, looking through this set, there were some names that had decent careers along with a lot of guys who never played a game in the NHL. Donevan Hextall or Brent Bilodeau anyone?
There were a few packs of OPC Mini Leaders as well. I pulled a Paul Coffey for my Rangers alumni collection, and two copies of that perpetually amusing Glen Hanlon.

Now, into the stuff that didn't need opening - a lot of shiny stuff for my PCs.
Shiny, holography cards for the masks binder!
Shiny Vlads! (Ok, 2 shiny Vlads)
Shiny Delgados! (2 out of 3 ain't bad!)
Shiny Joe Carters (Hey, there's 3 for 3!)
And a couple misc Blue Jays. Since I didn't bust much flagship this year, the Rasmus is very welcome. And that Pristine George Bell is a great addition to my team collection.

So, that wraps up this trade. I'll hunt for Whalers at the Expo. Ron Francis again has a base card in Artifacts, so I've got at least one to find.

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