Sunday 12 October 2014

2014 Heritage Minor League Box Break - Part 4 of 4

Time to wrap up this box with the last 6 packs.

Pack 19:
Well, here's the promised relic card in this. I guess if I get a single coloured, non-numbered relic in this, Kris Bryant is probably the one you want. I love that there is a player named Mac in the set.

Pack 20:
Here's the big surprise in this set. Manny Ramirez. And yes, it is that Manny Ramirez. He spent time as a player-coach with Iowa.
And the back of his card shows all his major league stats, but none of his minor league stats. I think I would have preferred the latter. It isn't like they are hard to come across. Plus, that might have left room for a cartoon on the back.

Pack 21:
Another SP with the Drury. My final one of the break. Roberto Osuna marks a return to the Blue Jays content in this box. I don't think I've seen a Jays prospect since the first part of the break. Mets content as well with the Cecchini. Interestingly, Gavin and Garin Cecchini are numbered 115 and 116 in the set.

Pack 22:
More Manny! Here he is with the black parallel numbered to 105. I really like the logos on the Stars and Crawdads.

Pack 23:
WOO-HOO! Extra autograph! Maybe the black autograph /35 I pulled earlier doesn't count as one. Kenny started in the Blue Jays system in 2008, then over to Twins in 2014, back to the Jays, and then finally into the Oakland system. This does appear to be his first auto, so that's a nice thing to have. Of the three autos I found, Tim Cooney is the only one of the three that appears to have any autos prior to this. There's some more great logos as well with the Mudcats and the Rubberducks.

And finally, Pack 24:
Not the most spectacular way to wrap things up, but the Jammers logo is nice.

So, here were the contents:

191 non SP base, no dupes
6 Road to the Majors (These fell 1:4, so that was at the right ratio)
4 SPs (1:6, got the 4 I should)
3 Flashbacks (Also 1:6, so maybe that's what was shorted with the extra auto)
2 base autos (1:14, so I got the two I should have)
1 black auto (1:221)
1 Clubhouse Collection Relic (1:31, I guess that's the one relic, with the black parallels at 1:125 and hat logos at 1:95)
3 black parallels (1:11, a smidgen above what I should have)
1 lime parallel (1:24, the 1 I expected)

So, that was the break. Definitely a lot of fun to dig into this, and it felt like a better way to wrap up my 2014 Heritage journey than with High Numbers. The final 9 cards to finish the base or on their way via justcommons. Since I'm not planning to build the SPs, that will wrap that up.

And now I can focus on finishing up 14-15 O-Pee-Chee and start on 2014 Upper Deck CFL.

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  1. More good logos. I'll just point one out, the Corpus Christie Hooks. I'm partial to the animated looking logos. They're just so different and fun.