Saturday 11 October 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 57.4: Stadium Club at the Flea Market - Team Bag #3

Time to wrap up this fun mini break, which probably resulted in more interesting cards for $3.00 than I could have got for much more times that with some pack breaking. Sure, I don't get a chance at the auto, but I still got some nice cards.
Leading the way as the visible card in this repack is this Al Kaline. Even the black and white photos seem crisper in this format.
WOO-HOO! Another Met!
I'm not sure what is more distracting from a great photo on this Pujols. The ballpark, or the umpire's hinder?
What a beautiful photograph of an autograph signing session. This photo is so clear, you can see the Mets cap on the program being offered to Johnny. I'm guessing this was photographed at Shea. Great 'fro in the crowd as well.
I definitely did not expect this rookie card in a repack.
Again, the ballpark is the real star of this photo.
What a great celebratory walk off photo. This could also qualify as the Ortiz card with him front and center in the picture
Up next I came across a 6 pack of pretty generic shots. Xander wins the award in this set for the least flattering facial expression on a card photo. Heaney comes pretty close, though.
The visible card on the other side was this intense Wilin Rosario. Looks like he's celebrating an inning ending strikeout.
And since I have yet to show off the backs of the card, here's a sample. Very legible, with team colours and a non-reused photo.

Not a bad haul for $3.00


  1. Damn, I need to build this set. I wish I could find a crapton of commons at that price.

  2. Not bad at all. Not bad at all.

  3. Kudos to Topps. That's some amazing photography.

  4. Nice! I'll have to keep an eye out for these... especially that Johnny Bench card, that one is a must-have for me. Nothing says "1970's" like having a big ol' Afro in the crowd.

    The way they come close to running the first and last names together, Al Kaline's card looks, at a quick glance, like it says "ALKALINE". He's powered by Energizer batteries!