Saturday 4 October 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 52: Baseball additions to the 2/14 folder

I've already posted all the basketball, football, hockey and miscellaneous entries into the binder. So, that leaves just the baseball, before I return to the box filled with COMC goodies and post the 2/14 stuff from the previous 4 categories from my latest mailings. So, here are the cards that put my overall binder total at 818.
Sometimes it is a puzzle as to what card to lead with. In this case, there was no debate as to what card would be first up. SSPC? Sideburns? And a look on his face that says "if you so much as snicker at these sideburns, you're dead meat".Yup, this 1975 SSPC of Larry Milbourne had to lead the way. The bright uniform was also a plus.
And one Larry Milbourne deserves two more. Now, that isn't a sign I need to clean my scanner on his 1982 Fleer issue. That does appear to legitimately be a loose hair on the image. My total for Milbourne is now at 15, with 5 more on the way from Just Commons. When they show up, the only Milbournes I will not have are his O-Pee-Chee issues, his '75 mini and his 1976 SSPC to complete the non-oddball collection.
OPC and a '75 mini are also the only cards I need to get the complete Will McEnaney collection as well, with the addition of these two cards.
And here's a new one for me of 2/14 perfect match Damaso Marte. I think I only need about 2 or 3 more base cards to get all of his cards. I'm only a 2004 Topps Total, a 2005 Topps Total (a card he shares with Cliff Politte) and a 2005 Showdown away from that Frankenset. He's the first baseball guy to crack to 20 card barrier, and it moves him into a tie for 8th overall with Brandon Sutter and David Garrard.
A shared card still counts as a card, and this one makes it his third card in the collection. There's only about 2 more left to finish off the Garibay collection.
Callix Crabbe is also about 3 or so cards from finishing his Frankenset. This is my 8th overall of his.
Brad Halsey stands at 8 as well. He's actually got a pretty decent base collection, so I still have a good number to chase down with his cards.
And here's the only baseball card in this post that isn't a base card. A Cognac parallel of Tyler Clippard. He's the only one of these guys still active in the bigs, and he now busts in double digits with my 10th card of his. Tyler also recently had a bobblehead in Washington, and as best as I can tell, is the only 2-14 baseball player to be so honoured.

So, there's 10 more cards out of the ol' COMC box.

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