Tuesday 14 October 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 55: New Faces for the 2/14 Collection

I'm always happy to welcome new faces into the 2/14 binder, and was able to welcome 4 more with the most recent envelope. Looking at the hockey and football reference, there are no candidates from early season rosters to look for so far, so maybe 2015 won't see as many new faces as 2014.

Improving my google searching outside the 4 major sports might have helped as well.
But here is one courtesy of my football reference researching. JJ Wilcox made his debut last season for the Cowboys at safety, starting in several games, and he has been a starter this season. When I first saw his appearance on the list there, I wasn't very optimistic that he'd get a card. But, he did get one. Unfortunately, his only card appeared in the high end National Treasures set. As a base card. Which were limited to 99. But there were also parallels. Meaning I had maybe 140 cards total to choose from. I couldn't be a chooser, and added this base of Wilcox.
Much like with Enrico Colantonio, I had to rely on a cast picture to add a Hollywood face to my collection. So, this was my chance to add a card of Florence Henderson, aka Mrs. Brady to my collection. Florence was actually one of the people I knew was a 2/14 baby long before I collected such things.
My first MLS card! And if it weren't for the late, great, Nelson "Viscera/Mabel" Frazier, he'd have the most unique haircut in the binder.
And finally, here's a new addition to the hockey portion. I was certain that he'd be a challenge to add, seeing as his last games were in the 48-49 season. Thankfully, 323 games with the Habs was enough to warrant his inclusion in the 08-09 Upper Deck centennial set. Thus adding him to the binder, and putting my overall total at 827 cards.

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