Friday 3 October 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 56: A new repack type! Let's try it out!

I'll try any repack once, especially seeing something new in the card aisle. Namely this:
10 packs and a toy Zamboni?! I'll go for it at least once.

These were the packs:

1997 Donruss
1999 MVP: Stanley Cup Edition
1999 Upper Deck Series 2 * 2
2000 Victory
2002 Quest For The Cup
2007 MVP
2012 Score
Tristar Hidden Treasures * 2 (Basically, a repack within a repack)

Ouch. That's not exactly a spectacular lineup of packs, but maybe I'll salvage things from the content. And on the plus side, I've never busted '99 MVP, '00 Victory and '02 Quest, so I can cross those off my bucket lists. And some of these are pretty packed in terms of card count, so I'll get a good number of base.

But, I've bought it, so let's dig in.
The die cast was an Edmonton Oilers Zamboni (Yes, I can actually call this a Zamboni - it reads Zamboni on the front), coming with this card, which is from a 2008 Die Cast Upper Deck set. Yes. There were cards to go exclusively with the toy. Which explained why I couldn't quite work out which set this card was supposed to come from until I turned the card over.

And a chronological look at the rest, hitting only the highlights or lowlights from each pack.

1997 Donruss:
Quite the start. Poor Brandon Convery.
But at least the rest of the pack contained a trio of Sens (Alfie is a dupe), a nice Jeff Hackett for the masks binder, and an interesting photo on the Ray Sheppard of a struggle by the boards. The Ron Francis is a pretty nice card as well for the coming off the bench shot. When I was doing my top 50 Senators cards, that Ron Tugnutt ranked #15.

1999 MVP:
More mask stuff here, with a nice trio of cards. The Novoseltsev is a silver signature parallel, but the big winner here is the Swedish Elite League card of Daniel Sedin. It isn't really valuable, but is a neat addtion to my misc. collection.

1999 UD:
Two more mask cards, and a pair of really good or good names represented here. The photos were depressingly generic in this, so the Samsanov bench shot really stands out. There's another decent name to get a rookie card of, but, just my luck, of the two packs of cards, it was this one and this one only that had the dinged corner.

2000 Victory:
A 12 card pack! Wow! And 6 cards for the mask binder. OK. 5 and a half. But even if I didn't have that binder, that Thibault would easily win the photo war in this pack. The re-used photo on the side just continues the perfect awkwardness of his position.

2002 QftC:
Only 4 cards here, so I can highlight all of them. The Turco will probably be destined for TMM. Krog is such a great name for a hockey player. He spent much of his career over on this side of the pond bouncing between the AHL and NHL, and has been overseas for the past several years. Pacific Complete seems to be some sort of attempt at Topps Total, but the only cards I've ever found from these have been inserted in other Pacific products.

2007 MVP:
Of course, just like with the Tanguay, the nice rookie card of Jack Johnson is dinged up. I hope TMM doesn't care. Other than that, another mask card in Kari Lehtonen, and a nice Steve Sullivan replica signature makes me want to hunt down a real one.

2012 Score:
Score's photography wasn't too bad the season before last. A nice scramble by the net on the Jones parallel, a great low angle shot on Wellwood, and a nice celebratory shot for Vanek.

The Tristar:

Pack 1:
I was surprised that there was some nice stuff in here. The Lalime is a dupe, but since all his Marvin the Martian Sens cards are in that collection, this can go nicely into the mask binder. The Pro Set cartoon card is a reproduction of a cartoon that covers the early history of the Bruins. Of course, the die-cut Gratton is dinged up as well.

Pack 2:
Dupes in a repacked pack. Yikes. The Calle is a dupe for my 2/14 collection, and there's some more Pro Set. The Brodeur is a nice card though, and is from an ITG Toronto Star set.

So, while this definitely won't be the best repack I've ever busted, I still can't be too unhappy. The pre-2005 portion of my mask binder gained a lot of cards, and was nice to bust some hockey packs with 12 cards. And the Zamboni is kinda neat.


  1. T-Bo laying on his side, with the puck probably going past him.

    Was the wrapper stuck to the Convery?

    1. Yup. And I partly peeled off some of the wrapper so I could show off his full name.