Saturday 11 October 2014

The Unwritten Rules of Trading Life, and Just One Pack of 2014-15 Artifacts

I'm not sure what number the rule is, but this happens to me a lot:

Within days of sending someone a package, you will come across another card that you wish you'd included in the package.

Case in point (although it is a sticker)
This would have perfect to include in an envelope I sent off to Shoebox Legends, but I didn't find this until a few days after the envelope was in the mail.


And of course, I'm quite likely to misplace this between now and the next mailing. Because I'm an idiot.

And since a 4 card pack isn't really enough for a single post, I'll tack it onto this one. Now I can go back to ignoring this product in both the retail and hobby environment. But I might hunt for singles of Senators, especially Karlsson, since he's in the white alternate jersey.
So, here are the three base cards. Interestingly, both Lindros and Eakin are in the 100 card base set twice, and on both their other cards they are pictured with Dallas.
The backs have the standard reused photo from the front, but it is really nice to see the Team Canada stats on the back of the Eakin. Definitely something different for their NHL releases.

And the fourth card, which should be either a hit or a numbered card.
A redemption for a Washington Capitals rookie card. If I were to guess, my pick is that it will be Andre Burakovsky, who scored the only Capitals goal in their season opener. He's the son of former Ottawa Senator Robert Burakovsky, so I can kinda tie it to my PC if that is who it turns out to be.

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  1. Haha! So random as I'm watching the B's/Caps game and they mentioned Burakovsky and his father almost the exact same time as your post...creepy!