Saturday 25 October 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 59 - Pick 6!

Back to this again, even though I still have several themes worth sitting in my COMC goodie box. Simply grab 6 cards from the box containing cards that came in through the Challenges, and post them!
Starting off, a really fun name. Now, his first name is pronounced Bah-ZEEL, according to this article. That makes it far less of an ethnic mashup than it appears in written form. But it is still a really fun name to say out loud.
Now here's another fun name to say. Jack Brohamer. It sounds like it could be the name for Zack Ryder's finishing move in the WWE. If Zack were actually allowed to win matches with a finishing move, that is.
The facial expression! The shiny blue! Sorry, the shiny Silver Slate Blue Foil. But mainly the facial expression.
Two different cards featuring Manny signing autographs from his Indians. The one on the bottom is from the Christie Brinkley collection, but I admit I like the first one more due to the giant banner in the background. I just wish we could see more of the banner. All I can infer is that it might have something to do with a sandwich.
Hey! That looks like a selfie on the back,long  before anybody even called it that! As a bonus, it looks the visible card presented to Manny for signing is from 1995 Fleer. Whoops! Learn to crop photos better!

And yes, I recognized the Manny card as being an insert from 1995 Fleer without having to head over to search Manny's 1995 cards on COMC.
And closing, here's yet another new card for my Vladdy collection.  Nice full extension on the swing, and it does kind of look like Shea Stadium in behind. So, bonus!


  1. I never knew Basil had a MLB card. I met him when he was in A ball. I'm positive I mispronounced his name when I asked him for his autograph. To this day, it's still one of my favorite autographs that I have.

  2. Basil Shabazz is one of the best baseball card names ever.